Hello there, we have planted over 2000 fresh daylily seedlings 2023 seedlings pre-order is now open to the public. Shipping on those unbloomed seedlings will begin April 3rd, 2023 along with all daylilies.

Most seedlings are limited and once they sellout there will be no more. We also have about 7000 seeds available for purchase that were harvested in late summer 2022 and have gone through cold stratification, ready to be planted at your earliest convenience. Shipping on seeds will go out on the following Monday.

Thank you for your continued support. If you need anything now, we normally check this email daily. [email protected]

Best Wishes,

Richard Eustace Jr

Daylily Seedlings For Sale

Daylily Seedlings for Sale. All seedlings have gone through one growing season.

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