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[Last Update  3-26-2020]

Hello Friends,

Weather is starting to get a little better here in Oberlin, Ohio but we have had much precipitation a cross of flurries and rain as the temps fluctuate around freezing.  Here are some photos of the work being done on the farm.  We are building the Ana White Alaskan Green house but doubling up from 12 feet to 24 feet long and appx. 10 feet wide (all from scratch!) been challenging but we think it will be really good for us when we are done.  It looks a lot better to the eye rather than a cold frame.

You will see further down in this post a temporary cold frame we put up in winter and was actually really cheap just over 100.00 for the frame, it needed support in the center due to snow fall, doesnt hold plastic real well but it came with a white cover.  We plan on using a shade cloth in the summer?! if it survives.

Ana White Alaskan Greenhouse

Cold Frame on the cheap!

We are experimenting with Raised Seedling Beds?!

We are officially in USDA Growing Zone 6 now.  Growing zones change every year, boundaries for us here in Ohio changed about 3 years ago from Zone 5 to 6.  Our daylilies are bred for look first but hardiness second and bud count would be 3rd.  We believe that the dormant daylilies will do really well in the raised beds but the Evergreens are another question?  Here is a look into our first one.  I really struggled with wood type, cedar would be best but i cannot find boards big enough.  You can see the first seedlings are doing well right now… we are testing with 3 daylily seedlings all of which have overwintered and starting to emerge!

4000 + Daylily Seedlings!

We have just over 1000 seedlings that we are offering at auction and on our website that are unbloomed. 

It is exciting to see the parent plants and what they look like and anticipate the seedlings and how they will look taking on both the pod and pollen parents genetics.  You have an opportunity to buy the newest daylily plants that have been cross pollinated with some of the rarest flowers on Earth!!

Our daylily seedlings will all be at least 6 months old but many are up to 18 months old and ready to bloom any moment for you!  We send the biggest plants available at the time of purchase.  Most of our seedlings will be shipped June-July.  We may be able to ship earlier or hold onto your seedlings (but not for long as you will want to see them bloom for the first time:)  You can always email us with your questions.

Email:  -or-

We now have 8 acres to grow!

Kim and I went from a 2 acre farm now to 8 and really are blessed to have such a beautiful property here in northern ohio.  We got a break in the weather to line out our first seedling bed.  It is 4′ x 100′ and we look forward to using it soon when the weather breaks! 

Some of the July Daylily Seedlings

Spectacular Green!  Our goal is to get to 5000 daylily seedlings planted.  We have many unbloomed daylily seedlings for sale.  We enjoy watching them bloom for the first time!  We use the latest and best daylily cultivars to cross pollinate.  We hope you will enjoy the combinations made from seed. 



Leap Day! Unbloomed Daylily Seedling Update!!

It is exciting to be able to offer the newest daylily cultivars that have been cross pollinated.  They have been harvested off the seed pods, dried out, put through cold stratification and sprouted!  Now they have been growing for months and you have the opportunity to buy them!!  We are updating them daily on our website. 


Daylily Unbloomed Seedlings for Sale

Daylily Seed Vault Update

Went to check the fridge at lunch today and see there is many daylilyl seeds left over. Here is the link we have some available on website you can buy.

Here is a nice combo! CBP x Light Speed Daylily Seeds

Spring Shipping + Daylily Pricing Update This Week

Inventory is being marked down for 2020. A lot of our plants are potted up from the move and we are just wanting to get rid of some older cultivars… keep an eye out this week as about half the inventory prices will drop. We did lose some over the move that were evergreens…just got too cold for them 🙁

Augie’s Unique Beauty Daylily

Augie’s Unique Beauty

Here is a 3 fan clump just breaking winter dormancy. The fans are small and so are the scapes. The blooms make up for it. Augie’s Unique Beauty has no bloom alike and takes on the name well. Very nice broken pattern on this tetraploid. Everything else on this daylily looks like a diploid but it is not. Sets pods well and pollen is always fertile. If you plan on ordering this daylily expect a small plant, it’s just its nature. We only send Blooming size plants! Enjoy!!

Augie’s Unique Beauty

Seedling – June Singletary Sdlg

We were excited to win all of this seedling from Jammin’s Daylily Garden. It is very unique. We used it’s pollen a lot last year and still have seeds left over from the seed pods that it set very easily.


GigaWatts – Held for increase (Name Registered Last Year) Intro Date TBD…

We have moved to Oberlin, OH and are in the process of moving and planting thousands of plants… We may not be so quick to respond to messages as we settle in.

We will try to keep this blog updated as we can. Kim and I just love growing daylilies and now we are on 8 acres with plenty of room to grow!!! Thank you for all your support both with our daylily plants/seeds and our YouTube Channel. Appreciate each one of you

God bless you,

Rich Eustace

MOARRR Daylily Seedlings!

Here are some more of our seedlings! The middle one is not of Ravenous Bite, we made a mistake on that title. It is Eustace’s Black and Buddy’s Victoria Jade.

I love to cross for the dark bold base with the pure white teeth. I have moved on from crossing Blues to more like these seedlings you see above. They really stand out in a field of daylilies!

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